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PLC Systems Integrations


Who is Genau

Genau is a division of JPiller Design and Consulting with a focus on listening to Client’s needs.
The word Genau (pronounced Geh Now) is German for “I understand”




PLC, IPC, and HMI Programming

We offer a range of skills and knowledge when it comes to PLC programming.

From new machine line design and system integration, making program modifications and complete development - our team can bring your project to a reality.


Startup, Validation, and  Commissioning

We have commissioned small Cells to Multiple PLC networks across campuses.

Validation, Commission and Machine Startup takes experienced individuals to make sure the project is finished so that your investment is realized as soon as possible. 


Electrical Engineering and Fabrication

We can design, build, and install your Electrical control system needs.  Genau partners with Electricians to assure your installation is done to code.

Designs will be complete in CAD software and we will provide printed drawing sets, along with DWG and PDF files.


Process Control and SCADA

We have worked with multiple manufacturing processes and have the skill set to work with your Process Engineers to design dashboards to monitor, control, and analyse your system.  

Batch, Continuous Process, and Piece Process - Genau can help define your efficiency and plan for process improvements.