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JPiller Design and Consulting


Experience in Smart Manufacturing solutions in continuous process manufacturing, batch process manufacturing, and packaging solutions.  We excel at partnering with our clients in developing solutions that fits the needs and culture of the client.  Projects we do include:

Process Automation and Machine Line Design

Data Collection, Storage, and Analysis

Network security and design

Machine Sourcing, Building, and Automation

Our team can source machines appropriate to the client process, integrate the product flow, and work as a traditional System Integrator where we can build a panel, program it, and control a system within our division we call Genau

We have expertise in all of the standard PLC and IPC platforms and program in both Ladder and Structured Text. 


This is a Journey and not a Destination

Our goal is to become a partner in our Client’s Smart Manufacturing transformation.  Whatever name you call this process – IIoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing – We are here to help define needs, architect a solution, and identify other partners that will move the client from the 20th to the 21st Century Manufacturing.

We look at the whole system.  This is a Journey and not a Destination.  Manufacturing as we know today is changing.  Automation is only one part of the whole puzzle.  JPiller Design and Consulting has the capacity and partnerships to help build a strategic path for our Clients and look forward to partnering with them in the future.



Technical Project Management and Consulting

We have experience with small single cell manufacturing lines and building automation projects that span multiple years and work with many levels of tradespeople.  We have capabilities to provide our clients expertise in managing the project from conception to production—and be there to help identify process improvements.



Electrical, Automation, and Data Analysis Engineering Solutions.

Our primary skill set is in Electrical and Automation Engineering.  We have the capacity to perform installation of automation systems and have partners that help provide Robotic, Mechanical and Millwright help as needed.

We have been working in Smart Manufacturing Solutions since 2019.  With that background and our skills in Field work and Process Improvements we have a advantage on others on building a solution to help analyze the status on the manufacturing floor.



Equipment Sourcing and Machine Build

We have the capability to source the machines our clients need in their production and packing lines.  We have partners that will work with us and the client to help build bespoke equipment or machine tooling and change parts.


Contact us

Any questions, Please feel free to reach out.  If you have a project or just an idea, let's talk and see if JPDC can make those ideas a reality.

JPiller Design and Consulting Companies

We have expertise in areas other than consulting.  Divisions of JPDC is a family company.  And with that comes interests that expand outside of Smart Manufacturing.  Take a look at what else we do.



Genau (gee - now), is a German word meaning "I understand".  It is said when listening carefully and paying attention.

Genau Technicians will work with your team to build and install the final project.  We do Engineering Documentation, Drawings, and Panel Builds.  Genau is the Service branch of JPDC.  


Touring Baby

Touring Baby is a Quality Provider of BabyQuip. 

As a family we have seen first hand how difficult it is to travel with young children, and all the "stuff" that goes with them.  We rent gear to make it easier to travel so families can enjoy their trip without the stress of lugging all the gear with them.

Logo_Three Pillers_Colored_ClearBackground

Three Pillers

Three Pillers is a clothing design company.  Jack, Clara, and Lorelei have designed some images they wanted to put on clothing and share with you.  

Images of Dragons, Gymnastics, and Dinosaurs.  Watercolor Sunsets and fun sayings.

Take a look at what they design.